C.R. "Sprack" Spracklin

Was a Radio Telegraphist in the Royal Canadian Navy during World War I

Joined in 1911 - Retired in 1961

Début en 1911 - Retraite en 1961


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Cyrill Reynold SPRACKLIN was born in Brigus, Newfoundland on 27 July 1895. “Sprack” was the son of Thomas and Edith (Norman) Spracklin and his father was a whaling captain.


He originally studied land based telegraphy ane he later worked for the Marconi Company as a wireless operator on ships running between Halifax and Boston.


When the war broke out, he enlisted in the RNCV and he was one of the first operators assigned to the Barrington Passage Wireless Station in April 1915.


He also served on H.M.C.S. Hochelaga and H.M.T. Telenachus as part of his wartime tour of duty.


He met his wife Evelyn May Farrell at Barrington and they were married at Halifax, Nova Scotia on 8 July 1920.


His operators duties further brought him from Barrington to Cape Race, Nfld., St.John N.B., Sable Island and Halifax, Nova Scotia. “Sprack” was O.I.C. at Camperdown from 1935 to 1948.


Cyrill spent many more years with Radio regulations and Monitoring, he died at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia on 24 March 1984

(Adapted from” The Barrington Passage Wireless Station” with the gracious permission of Michael Christie )


The first Radio Operators at RCN Radio Station VAL in Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia which opened in 1915.

Sitting on the steps to the Operations Building. left to right:

E.D. Hayman      A.E. Argue      A.T. Lawton      G.F. Harris      C.R. Spracklin

(Photo courtesy of C. R. Spracklin)



1961 Retirement



Born in Brigus, Newfoundland, "Sprack" Spracklin entered the radio field in 1911 as an operator with Canadian Marconi at the old Cape Ray Station. He served in various positions until 1915 and then joined the RCN Volunteer Reserve, to which all marine and fisheries communications personnel were attached during World War I.


In 1919 he joined the government service and spent the following years at direction finding stations at Barrington, Cape Race, Red Head, Chebucto Head, the Halifax office and Camperdown. Transferred from Camperdown in 1949 after 14 years there, he went to Hartlen Point monitoring station, where he remained until his retirement.





Cyrill Reynold SPRACKLIN est né à Brigus, Terre-Neuve le 27 Juillet 1895. "Sprack" était le fils de Thomas et Edith (Norman) Spracklin et son père était un capitaine baleinier.


Originalement, il étudia la télégraphie terrestre et, plus tard, il travailla pour la Compagnie Marconi en tant qu'opérateur sans-filiste sur les navires, voyageant entre Halifax et Boston.


Lorsque la guerre éclata, il se porta volontaire à la Réserve Navale Canadienne et il fut l'un des premiers opérateurs assignés à la station sans-fil du Passage Barrington en Avril 1915.


Il servit également sur le H.M.C.S. Hochelaga et sur le H.M.T. Telenachus durant la guerre..


Sa femme Evelyn May Farrell était à Barrington et ils furent mariés à Halifax, Nouvelle-Écosse le 8 Juillet 1920.


En tant qu'opérateur , il passa par les stations de Cape Race, Terre-Neuve,    St-Jean, Nouveau- Brunswick, à l'Île de Sable et à Halifax. "Sprack" fut responsable de la station de Camperdown de 1935 à 1948.


Cyrill continua pendant plusieurs années dans la Réglementation de la radio et dans le contrôle des émissions à Hartlen Point en Nouvelle Écosse. Il décéda à Dartmouth le 24 Mars 1984.


(Adapté du livre " The Barrington Passage Wireless Station" avec la gracieuse permission de Michael Christie ) par Laval


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