A.G.E. (Ted) Argue






The first Radio Operators at RCN Radio Station VAL in Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia

which opened in 1915.

Sitting on the steps to the Operations Building. left to right:

E.D. Hayman      A.E. Argue      A.T. Lawton      G.F. Harris      C.R. Spracklin

(Photo courtesy of C. R. Spracklin)


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 Tobermory Wireless Station (circa 1913) from Arthur Amos


1954 - G. C. W. Browne congratulates award winner A. G. E. Argue


1954 - G. C. W. Browne félicite A. G. E. Argue


Reminiscences and some lines on a few of the Radio Regs fore'fathers by Bill Wilson