Watson Adair Reed

Joined the Department of Communications in 1974

Retired from Industry Canada in 2004



Passed Away in 2008 - Scroll Down for Obituary  

Décès en 2008 - Avis de décès au bas de la page  



Today, May 12, 2004, was Watson Reed's last day at work. My boss and my friend has retired. Here is his last message.... Donald Courcy, Webmaster



This is my last day on the-job here at Industry Canada - Spectrum - Toronto District. I have certainly enjoyed my career here working with all of you over the last 30 years. I have also been very proud of your commitment and professional spirit to which you have conducted yourselves in providing services both internally and to our clients. You provide a first class service and you should be proud of it. I was very proud to be part of this. Thanks for all of your support over the years.


The retirement luncheon was superb and a real flag showing your excellence - I thank you for this. My wife (Patricia), two sons (Khan and Greg) and Brother-In-Law (Larry) who also attended were very impressed and I was very pleased to have them share this experience with me. Jack, Mitch - You did a great job up front in your presentations, and the team that put this together - Thank You.


I thank you for your gift and all of your well wishes in my future endeavours.


I wish all of you further happiness and success in your careers.


Thank You.



12 May 2004



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Obituary  -  Avis de décès

Watson Adair Reed

1944 - 2008


The life of a humane, generous man came to an end Saturday,  Watson Adair Reed, born Sept 25, 1944 died at home in the comfort and love of family.


Watson, one of 10 children, was born to Patricia and George Reed in Guelph, Ont; Watson's strengths and generous character grew from overcoming adversities and struggles of his early years; he had a deep sense of ethics and fair play, kindness and loyalty to the end. Watson, a graduate of Conestoga College in Electronic Engineering Technology, worked with Industry Canada until his retirement in May, 2004.


Retirement brought increased involvement in community and charitable activities, particularly the Shaver Hospital Foundation and the St. Catharines Rotary Club which was a special place of joy for him. He gave generously and often of his time during Rib Fest and Rotary Auction. He zealousy supported the Youth Exchange Program via which he and Patricia hosted several young students from Europe, Latin America and Japan. These relationships continue today. Watson received a Paul Harris Fellow from Rotary in 2007 and was humbled by this distinctive honour, believing that others had done much more than he.


Watson relished family, friends, interaction with former work associates and all the joys these involvements brought. It had been his plan to have further participation in charitable endeavours but this was not to be; his spirit and love of people, particularly for those less fortunate, will live on in the hearts of those he touched so deeply. He was overwhelmed by the loving, generous support shown him during his illness and was buoyed by the many prayers, good wishes, kind acts of those who made contact of one sort or another each day.


Watson Adair Reed was a unique, cherished individual.


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