Peter Munzer


Joined the DOC as a Radio Inspector in 1989. Worked at Bell Mobility from 1997 to 2011. Returned to Spectrum Management in 2011.

Début au MDC comme Inspecteur Radio en 1989. A travaillé chez Bell Mobilité de 1997 à 2011. A retourné à la gestion du spectre en 2011.



Peter Munzer started in Toronto District at 55 St. Clair as a Department of Communications (DOC) Spectrum Management Radio Inspector in 1989. He spent a couple of years on secondment to Regional Engineering, then back to the District. He left the Department in 1997 and then spent 14 years in the operations and engineering groups at Bell Mobility. He returned to Spectrum Management in 2011 to replace Dave Slingerland when he retired at the training/monitoring facility in Acton. Industry Canada (IC), which had taken over Spectrum Management in 1994, became Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) in 2015. Peter is still at Acton but he is on loan to Headquarters representing Atlantic/Ontario Region on the national monitoring infrastructure modernization project..... He will probably remain on loan right until retirement in a year or two. " I’m ready to hang it up and enjoy retirement" he said.


Laval Desbiens

12 June 2020


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