Pelee Light


We are working on a link to the Picasa site where the photos will be stored, so some of you will not yet be able to see the photos. I have posted a few of the radio pictures from the collection of the late Frank Adams. One of them is of one of his early station, Pelee Light. I received the following analysis of the photo:


QUOTE Thanks for forwarding the very interesting photo.  I'm afraid I can't make a positive ID of the equipment shown beyond the general identifications you have probably already made.


The rack to the left pretty certainly contains an AM radiotelephone.  This would be consistent with the 1952 date.  I suspect the two racks to the right are a MF radiotelegraph transmitter.  I say this because of the radio room clock in the middle with the silent period markings which would be germane only for stations operating on 500kc.  Why there are two apparently identical racks is a question.  MF stations typically have a calling (500kc) and working frequency but these are usually accommodated by frequency switching in a single transmitter.  It may be that these are primary and back up transmitters.  The three vertical white objects above the clock support this idea.  I think they may be a SPDT knife switch in the antenna circuit allowing wither transmitter to be connected to the single wire antenna.  The switch appears to be in the right hand position.  Single ended wire antennas are typical in ship installations and possibly in lower powered coast stations such as the picture may depict.

Another question is, where are the receivers?


I'd be most interested to know about any further information you develop about this photo.



Richard Dillman, W6AWO
Chief Operator, Coast Station KSM
Maritime Radio Historical Society


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