Nine Graduate From Elmux Course

ELMUX GRADUATES-Looking at school maintenance technician Otis Harvey (seated at teletype) ore, from left: Art Johnson, school superintendent, Frank Ryan, C. W. Thomas, Gerry Maxwell, Don Vroom and chief instructor Clark Stuart.


SHOWS EQUIPMENT-Instructor Gary Brooks (left) shows part of Elmux equipment to (I. to r.) A. Rosenthal, Wally Fahie, Fred Beckett, Gerry Maxwell and W. M. Marshall, superintendent of technical training and manuals.


Nine students, four of them OIC's from northern stations, successfully finished the first course in operating complicated Elmux equipment at the air services school at Ottawa Airport.


Graduating from the short but intensive course on August 19 were: F. K. Beckett, technician, Winnipeg regional office; W. B. Fahie, OIC, Resolute; R. Fuchs, OIC, Churchill; O. F. Harvey, who will be on the school staff in Ottawa; D. G. Maxwell, OIC, Coral Harbour; A. N. Rosenthal, technician, Winnipeg regional office; F. V. Ryan, OIC, Frobisher and C. W. Thomas and D. R. Vroom, both instructors at the school.


The course was given by G. C. Brooks, an engineer with the design and construction division of the telecommunications and electronics branch.


Elmux is a device that rids teletype messages of errors caused by radio static or interference. When installed at both ends of a teletype link it translates messages in a code of its own. The receiving Elmux refuses garbled characters, automatically requesting a repeat. The transmitting Elmux has a "memory" enabling it to repeat the last three characters sent.


The complex equipment has been installed at Coral Harbour and Churchill and will eventually be provided to other northern stations. The air services school at Ottawa has two Elmux terminals for training.


Static on summer nights often makes it impossible to use radio teletype without Elmux or similar equipment.


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