DOC welcomes new Minister


The department welcomes a new Minister of Communications, the Honourable Edward C. Lumley, who is also Minister of Regional Industrial Ex­pansion and Science and Technology.


Born and educated in Windsor, Ontario, Mr. Lumley was first elected to Parlia­ment in 1974, as M.P. for Stormont­Dundas, following a successful career in private business and in municipal politics as mayor of Cornwall, Ontario. Mr. Lumley has chaired the Standin Committee on Regional Development; was Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Regional Economic Expan­sion and the Minister of Finance; and headed the Canadian Delegation to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in 1978.


In 1980, Mr. Lumley was appointed Minister of State for Trade; in 1982, Minister of State for International Trade; and later in 1982, Minister of Industry, Trade and Commerce and Regional Economic Expansion, now changed to Regional Industrial Expansion.


Mr. Lumley is married and has five children.


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