Major Reorganization To Meet Technological and Electronic Needs

Telecommunications Branch becomes

Telecommunications and Electronics Branch

F. G. Nixon

W. A. Caton

C. M. Brant

E. F. Porter

H. E. Walsh 

A substantial change in the organization of the Telecommunications Branch recently has been effected. The name has been changed to "Telecommunications and Electronics Branch" to bring into focus the expanding services of electronic systems and equipment and the technological changes which have taken place in the field of communication. The branch is headed by the Director, F. G. Nixon.


The structure of three new divisions emphasizes specialization and makes provision for future expansion. A fourth division, Radio Regulations, reorganized in 1957, remains unchanged, but the Radio Aids Division as such has been abolished.


New Division, Design and Construction


A new division, Design and Construction, has been established which plans and directs the construction program for installation of radio and electronic equipment and systems for all services in the Department. It is subdivided into sections under the following specialized functions: Radio Communications Engineering; Navigation Aids Engineering; Radar and Special Devices Engineering; Specifications and Project Control; and Test Room.


H. E. Walsh is chief of the new division and J. R. MacKay is associate chief. The superintendents, in order of above category, are: D. J. McIntyre, R. M. Bennett, F. L. Bentley and D. A. Moore. The officer in charge of the test room is J. H. T. Arial.


Maintenance and Operations


Another division bears the title Maintenance and Operations and is subdivided into four sections, each under a superintendent: Maintenance and Engineering; Air and Marine Operations; Technical Training and Manuals; and Teletype Operations. E. F. Porter is chief of this division and the superintendents are J. G. C. Thompson, G. Wells, W. M. Marshall and E. T. English.


Technical and Policy Co-Ordination


The third division, Technical and Policy Co-Ordination comes under C. M. Brant who will also assist the Director in branch policy development and technical co-ordination. The three sections in this new division are: Research Development and Programming; Emergency Measures Planning; and Common Carrier and Landlines.


O. L. Britney, as Chief Engineer of Research Development and Programming, is responsible for systems analysis, equipment research and for programming branch electronic aids activities. The accelerated growth and complexity of electronic systems and closer co-operation between Department and the users of systems have made it necessary to establish a special section for this work.


In the Common Carrier and Landlines Section under W. E. Connelly, Superintendent, more emphasis is to be given to the technical side of landline and associated services leased or provided by the Department. Problems relating to domestic and international communications carriers are also a special function of this section. W. R. Butler is superintendent of Emergency and Measures Planning.


Radio Regulations


The Radio Regulations Division is under W. A. Caton, Controller. The sections in this division are: Regulations and International Agreements under C. J. Acton, Superintendent; Authorization and Enforcement under H. R. Newcombe, Superintendent; Radio Regulations, Engineering, under W. B. Smith, Superintendent; and Radio Regulations Services, under B. V. Lott, Office Manager.


Regional Offices


The regional offices also come under the new organization plan, under a Regional Controller of Telecommunications and Electronics.


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