Strathburn Monitoring Station

When the old Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission was terminated and the CBC was formed, our Mr. Bain, after a bitter controversy with A.G.L. McNaughton (later the general), was successful in his fight to have the 3 crystal General Radio Standard and all receiving and auxiliary equipment installed in the National Research Council Building on Sussex Street transferred to us. The equipment consisted of ten racks and was installed for the purpose of checking frequencies of CRBC stations only together with supplying standard frequencies to various labs within the building.


The CRBC at that time was also operating a monitoring station at Strathburn, Ontario, for the same purpose. This plant complete with buildings also became part of the spoils of Mr. Bainís victory. Mr. Bain contended that it was the prerogative of the Radio Branch to engage in Monitoring in Canada since the Radio Act was being administered by us. Andy McNaughton - later the general - insisted that the equipment remain where it was to serve the laboratories. With these spoils we had another monitoring station (Strathburn) and enough working equipment to start one or two more - perhaps on the west coast and in the Mid West.


When Art Bambrick accepted a posting there , he wrote that Strathburn monitoring harbored the finest collection of cob webs !



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