Some early photos at Point Grey and Lulu Island     
Pacific region ' Y ' or intercept stations

VAI / Point Grey marine coast station , intercepts done on the second floor

The antenna farm -  OIC dwelling in the background

Lulu Island operations room

At Lulu 

6 Bill Ryan, 8 Lylie Palmer, 14 Lorne Greenwood, 15 Scotty Hyde,

At Winnipeg

Here are Moe Seminiuk with the horse-shoes and Lorne Greenwood, others unid. yet !

At Lulu

Lylie Palmer and unidentified co-workers

a much needed transport to and from

Photos from Jack Bowerman

at Point Grey

Top left : W. Howard

at back: Durkee, Parkin, Bowerman, Hollis

front : B. Melwish, S.P. Jones, Charlie Aitken

QP Princeton, 1938

G. Syder, Phil Eldridge, John Howard

VAE Estevan Point 1949

Neil McTavish, Armour Pyke, Bruce Restall, Herb Holt

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Point Grey  ' Y ' Monitoring Station

Point Grey  ' Y ' and monitoring station - Richard 'DICK'  Lobb