Clear Creek Radio Range Station


Here is an interesting video on You Tube about an abandoned radio station in the woods near a Clear Creek Ontario wind farm !!

In the shadow of a 300' wind turbine, I discovered this gem while hiking in search of the best places for photos of the turbines.

This has since been identified by a knowledgeable viewer as a DOT Marine radio station.


Clear Creek in near Port Rowan on Lake Erie, just south ot Tillsonburg

If ANYONE who actually lives or lived in this area is reading this, I would like very much to speak to you, and would consider hiring a knowledgeable resident as a tour guide of the area for a possible documentary.


Ralph Cameron

26 April 2012




This is an interesting video. Clear Creek was a radio range station. It is mentioned in a couple of the newsletters on Spectralumni.


John Gilbert

28 April 2012


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