Moncton Region Managers


Front row, left to right:

J. Strong, Gander; H. Moore, Halifax; J. Alfred, Ottawa; R. Read, Moncton; P. Bowes, Ottawa; E. Brown, Saint John, N.B.; and R. Austin, Yarmouth.

Back row:

M. Behune, Sydney; C. Le Gresley, Grindstone; J. Anstey, St. John's, Nfld.; E. Funston, Goose Bay; D. MacKay, Trepassey, Nfld.; H. Garland, Fredericton; J. Wilmhurst, Charlottetown and G. Conrad, Moncton.


Managers of the newly decentralized areas of the Moncton region telecommunications and electronics branch were brought together in November for a two-week training course. The course covered such subjects as effective financial and personnel management, and the organizational structure of the decentralized areas.


The telecommunications and electronics branch of the department provides extensive domestic and international communication services, both air and marine, and maintains electronic navigational aid facilities for both.


Radio and teletype communications assist in the control of air traffic at all major airports in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. A safety service is maintained for mariners on a continuous basis by marine coast stations located at strategic points on the East coasts.


Navigational aids include Decca and Loran transmitting systems for marine and air usage, low frequency and high frequency radio ranges for guidance of aircraft, surveillance radar for air traffic control, instrument landing systems and precision approach radar to assist aircraft landings, harbor and meteorological radar systems and numerous radio beacons located on airway routes for aircraft and on the coasts for the guidance of shipping.


Representatives from the 12 areas established throughout the Atlantic Provinces and Magdalen Islands were welcomed by J. A. Lenahan, regional director of air services at Moncton.


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