Steve Zabarylo


Former DOT and NAV CANADA radio operator.

Ancien opérateur radio du MDT et de NAV CANADA.


I was part of the class of 67/6 at the Air Services Training School in Ottawa that graduated in June of 1968. My first posting was VAP Churchill Marine/Aeradio. My postings in Central Region of DOT included Regina, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Baker Lake, Coral Harbour with repeat postings in Winnipeg and Churchill.

In 1990 I left Operations to work with Engineering as an Operations Analyst participating in the development and fielding of automation equipment for Flight Service Stations.

Retirement happened in the summer of 2012 and I now reside in Constance Bay on the Ottawa River. While doing some googling this morning I stumbled across this your site and it rendered me over the moon. I would like to share my experiences and images from my time in the service and hopefully reconnect with some fellow operators I had the good fortune to work with in DOT and later NAV CANADA.

Steve Zabarylo VE3GIA formerly VE4ZW

5 January 2024


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