Milton Watts


Started in 1950 - Retired in 1987.

Débuta en 1950 - Retraite en 1987.



Milton Watts at base of 633' tower In Cambridge Bay.

Lighting transformer (two circles), boarding platform and transmitter building in background.


I need a little change of pace and I see you are requesting more Bio's. OK here's mine. I am really quite proud how a bunch of guys off the street with generally only a Wireless operators license managed to keep this Dept. running and growing.




Trained at the Provincial Institute of Technology and Art (commonly called The Tech) in Calgary.


Got my 2nd class ticket in Sept 1950.


Joined Department of Transport in October 1950.


Trained in Edmonton. No formal course, just sit in and work.


December 1950 Transferred to Smith River BC.


August 1952 Transferred to Cambridge Bay NWT.


September 1953 Transferred to Medicine Hat Alberta.


April 1954 Transferred to OIC Cambridge Bay NWT.


May 1955 Transferred to Edmonton.


August 1958 Transferred to OIC Norman Wells.


May 1959 Promoted to Regional Office technician. Worked up to Specialty Supervisor Control point. Aeradio, Control tower, Control centres etc.


September 1974 Appointed Telecom Co-ordinator for the new Calgary ATB.


Fall 1979 Promoted to EL8 position Construction and Installation Edmonton.


December 1987 Retired from my 7.5 hour 5 day week to 24 hour 7 day week retirement job.



Bill Hawryliuk was one of the radio operators at Cambridge Bay in 1954


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Souvenirs of Smith River Radio (1950-1951 )

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Cambridge Bay (again) (1954-1955 )

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Souvenirs of Norman Wells Radio (1958 - 1959 )

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Life as Installation and Construction Technician - Western Region - (1959 - 1987 )

Technicien - Installation et construction - Région de l'ouest (1959 - 1987)


The RCA AT3 Transmitter