Silas K. (Si) Tucker



Started in 1952 - Retired in 1987.

Débuta en 1952. Pris sa retraite en 1987.



Well Laval as a great writer once said,”I remember very clearly everything that happened during my career with the govt. And even more clearly the things that didn’t happen......


I graduated in 1952 from the Radio School ,of what is now the Fisheries College, in St. John’s, NL with a Second Class Certificate,November 25th,1952 and then went to Cape Race to spend a year there as a Radio Operator,. In November 1953, I had my Certificate endorsed and after my leave I worked in the DOT Marine Radio workshop until December 30th 1953..


January 4th 1954 I went to Ottawa and received three months training in Ionosphere operations to be, in march 1954, posted to the Winnipeg Ionosphere Station and later, august 20th 1954 to Resolute Ionosphere where I stayed until August 25th 1956.


After my three months leave, and broke, I reported to the Ottawa Ionosphere Station and was there until the end of October 1957. I then applied to go back up north again. Somehow Radio Aids Division of DOT got wind of my desire to go back north and asked me if I would go as OIC Resolute Aeradio, of course I accepted and after three weeks familiarization at Dorval, Ottawa and Winnipeg, landed at Resolute Aeradio as OIC ,December 1st, 1957 and stayed there until December 1958.when I left Resolute and came to Ottawa once again where I had won an RT2 position in type approval testing, at the Radio Regulations Division (Later DOC) Laboratory, located on the central experimental farm property. During the war it was a military monitoring station.



The following year, 1959 Radio Regs built a new Lab at 1241 Clyde Avenue,that’s the one you are familiar with. A group of us Techs, headed up by the Engineer Walter Maclon spent the next couple of years turning it into a first class test facility, for Type Approvals,Radio Environmental,EMC, Radio Systems and monitoring development and outfitting vehicles for the Radio Inspections program.


I ascended up the pathway there to an EL6 supervisor of operations.( I think that’s where we first met, later at St Lambert). I think it was midway 1973 I won an EL7 position at DOC HQ, Journal Bldg, Ottawa, writing Radio Standards Specifications,(my eight months there is another story that would require a



Later on in 1974 I was successful in winning an EL8 position at DOT HQ, Air ground Air radio communications , a division of the then DOT, Air Navigation Branch, developing maintenance and installation standards, writing Specs and trouble shooting etc.


That’s where I stayed until my retirement in March 1987. It was a joyous place to work.

Obituary - Avis de décès

Silas K. (Si) Tucker

1931 - 2023

Silas Tucker passed away September 18, 2023 at the age of 92. Born in St. Jones Within, Newfoundland. He travelled to Ottawa, received his ham radio license, and met his future wife, Patricia Gregoire. After a few years of working in Resolute, as a radio operator, he returned to Ottawa to marry Patricia and raise a family. He worked the next 30 years in the Federal Government and retired.

He leaves behind his wife, Patsy, Jane and husband Gaetan Seguin, Norma Mondor and daughter Abbey, Jim and his partner Carol Grant, along with his two children Courtenay and David. Also left to remember many wonderful times with Silas are his sisters, Norma Vey, Cynthia Hogan and Mary Bentley, along with many nieces and nephews.

The family wishes to thank the Ruddy-Shenkman Hospice service for their kindness to Silas in his final days.

Family and friends may pay respects at the Kelly Funeral Home-Kanata Chapel, 580 Eagleson Road, Kanata, Ontario K2M 1H4 on Sunday, September 24, 2023 from 2 to 5 p.m. For those wishing, In Memoriam donations may be made to the Canadian Cancer Society.


Sad to see that Si Tucker has passed away. I knew him first at Resolute Bay in the mid 50s and we kept in touch over the years. He served in both DOT and DOC.

John Gilbert

23 September 2023


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