Loretta O'Neil


Former Radio Inspector (RI) with the Department of Communications (DOC). Former Spectrum Management Officer (SMO) with the Department of Industry (Industry Canada) (IC). Retired from Industry Canada in 2011.

Ancienne Inspectrice Radio au Ministère des Communications (MDC). Ancienne Agent de la Gestion du Spectre (AGS) au Ministère de l'Industrie (Industrie Canada) (IC). Pris sa retraite en 2011.



Retirement - Loretta O'Neil



Loretta O'Neil


Dear Colleagues:


As many of you are aware, after 30 + years of dedicated service our dear colleague Loretta has chosen the life of retirement in order to pursue her interests in travelling and generally enjoying herself.  This concept remains fairly unfamiliar to me personally, however I am told that apparently there is life after work!


As this milestone for Loretta quickly approaches we plan on providing her with an appropriate retirement memento so that she does not completely forget about those who she leaves behind.


I ask that you graciously consider forwarding any such contributions and/or considerations by Friday,  February 11th to Jeff or myself.


Although Loretta has asked for nothing formal, I suspect that we will hold "tea" on or about her last day(s).


Many thanks,


Henry Klain

Director of Operations | Directeur des Opérations

Spectrum Management Operations Branch | Direction générale des opérations de la gestion du spectre

Spectrum, Information Technologies and Telecommunications | Spectre, des technologies de l'information et des télécommunications

Industry Canada | Industrie Canada

Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada

2 February 2011


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