Allister Hann


Former Radio Operator. Worked in Schefferville in 1962 and then on to Frobisher Bay.

Ancien opérateur radio. A travaillé à Schefferville en 1962 puis à Frobisher Bay.



Subject: Inquiry


I just became aware of your Alumni. I radio operated for a period of seven years. I notice one of your members is PJ Byrne. I worked with Pat in Schefferville Que in 1962. I moved on to Frobisher Bay Baffin Island. I have never heard a word about Pat since. Would you have any idea of what he did after or how to contact him?



Allister Hann

15 May 2020



Hi Allister:


According to's Roll Call, Pat Byrne worked at Cape Harrison and at Roberval at one time. I do not have any other info on him. I will pass on your message to the Facebook group "Retired DOC and MOT Warriors". One of the members might know more about Pat Byrne.


If it is OK with you, I will add you to the Alumni list.


Best regards


Donald Courcy


18 May 2020


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