Warren A. "Jim" Dean



Joined DOT in 1959 - Retired from DOC in 1991. Ham Radio Call Sign VE7ZX.

A rejoint le MDT en 1959 - Retraité du MDC en 1991. Indicatif d'appel radioamateur VE7ZX.


From personnal correspondance with Jim in May 2009 - Laval

After a number of years in the British Royal Air Force and working as a seagoing Radio Officer with the Marconi Company and the New Zealand Shipping Company,  living and working in various parts of the world, Jim  arrived in Vancouver in 1958.


Almost immediately after arrival, he was offered a job with the Department of Transport as a Radio Operator. Like every other new recruit the first thing the DOT did was to integrate him into the wonders of weather reporting techniques and so, after a few weeks of training in Vancouver, he was posted to Dog Creek near Williams Lake in BC and then to Sandspit in the Queen Charlotte Islands.


Still not having shaken the travel bug, after a few months, he applied on a competition to move to Ontario where the Operations Manager sent him to Ottawa aeradio. He had been there until 1962 when he applied for and won a competition to the DOT Radio Regulations Branch where he became a "full fledged" Radio Inspector at the Toronto Regional/District Office.


Jim worked in Toronto (RI-2 & RI-3) from 1960 until late 1967 when another competition poster arrived, this time for a Military Liaison Officer in DOT HQ Frequency Assignment Section, Ottawa. After discussing it with the Regional Superintendent in Toronto, he applied and won the position, working with   Al Heavenor/ (DOSF) from 1967 to 1970. In late 1970 he took a lateral transfer as an EL-5 and relocated to Vancouver, working for a few months with the Regional Engineer. In early 1971 he applied for and was accepted into the bilingual exchange program and was transferred in early 1972, together with his family, to Quebec, where he worked at the Port Alfred district office., 


Out west again, returning to Vancouver in 1973-74, he looked after Microwave licence applications and on the retirement of Ron Thomas, he was promoted to EL8, Regional Manager of Authorization. Jim retired from DOC in March of 1991, having worked with Duncan Black and Hal Halliday.


Lately,  he has been teaching word processing, spreadsheets, accounting, and tax software programs. He also is involved in assisting seniors with their income tax returns. He lives in North Vancouver, BC and has a daughter and two sons, both boys born in Ottawa and currently living in the Vancouver area. His daughter is married and has a son and two daughters, and is currently lives in Calgary.


Obituary - Avis de décès

Warren A. "Jim" Dean

October 7, 1928 - November 30, 2016

DEAN, Warren A. "Jim" October 7, 1928 - November 30, 2016


Jim was born in Plymouth, England and immigrated to Canada in 1958.


Jim is survived by his wife Elma; his daughter Roslyn (Raymond); sons Robert (Cheryl) and Alan (Kimberly); grandchildren Trisha (Paul), Christopher and Kathleen, Rachel and Samantha, great-grandchildren Cohen, Benjamin and Sylvie.


He was predeceased by his parents Stanley and Grace Dean.


Jim spent his life in Canada serving the Canadian people as a Civil Servant.


He will be missed by family and friends.


The family wishes to express their thanks to the dedicated staff at Kiwanis Care Centre for the support he received the past two years. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Jim's memory to the BCSPCA or the charity of your choice.


(Source: Mike Kelly, VE3FFK - RAC HQ Volunteer)

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