Dermott (Derm) Coady


Started as a RO at Churchill, Manitoba in 1960.

A commencÚ comme RO Ó Churchill au Manitoba en 1960.


I just thought I would check in.


My career started in Churchill, Man. In June 1960-62. During that period I relieved at Baker Lake, NWT from Dec 8, 1961 to Apr 1962. I Returned to Churchill until July of 62. I then resigned from the Winnipeg, Region and returned to Newfoundland. I found employment after a few months with Canadian Pacific Telegraphs (who took over from Marconi). I worked there until April 1964.


I then applied and was rehired by MOT, Moncton Region, my first assignment was Grindstone, Magdalan Islands, PQ. I was there from April-Dec 1964. I then spend from Dec 64 to April 65 at the Radio Operators Course in Ottawa,  which seemed a big waste of time for me. I had an overall average of 95.9 without much study.


My next posting was Saint John, NB from May 65 to Nov 65. I then took a new assignment at Goose Bay, Labrador from Nov 65 to July 68, when I got a transfer to Gander Aeradio. We had 15 on a shift plus communicators, technicians, and a supervisor.  I took over as Supervisor in 1972.


In Aug 1975 I took a transfer to a similar position at HRDC formerly UIC. This was an all day job. I worked in various positions there until I retired in 1995 with 35 years service.


I have been volunteering in various positions since then. I also spent 10 years as an appeal officer with PSAC. I am currently on the Refugee committee, Chair of Fundraising for the RC Church, and President of the National Assoc. Federal Retirees, Central NL Br 86, Gander, NL. I have approx 700 members in my Branch. In the past I have been National Director for six years.


I am still very active in good health. I know a lot of retired operators living in Gander. If you need to check any names let me know.




Derm Coady

28 October 2018

(Phone number and email address available on request)

Churchill, Man had Ron Fuchs for OIC the first year and Wally Fahie the second year.


Baker Lake, NWT OIC was George Elliott.


Grindstone, MI OIC was Dewey Buck.


Goose Bay, Labr  OIC was Ernie Funston. He was killed in an airplane crash later.


I also know a lot of the Radio Operators at all these locations.


Derm Coady

30 October 2018

DOT RO class 33 - Ottawa - January 1965

Photo courtesy of John Gibbs

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DOT RO class 33 - Ottawa - January 1965