Elwood "Lloyd" Clark



Served as a DOT Radio Operator in Coppermine, Northwest Territories and Embarras, Alberta.

A servi comme operateur radio du MDT à Coppermine, Territoires du Nord-Ouest et à Embarras en Alberta.


My father in law, E. L. Clark (1932-2012) was a DOT radio operator. He spent the most of his life avoiding the use of his first name, preferring to use his middle, but may have gone by others names (before marriage) we are unaware of.


The E.L. Clark, to which I refer was born Elwood Lloyd Clark.


He had two stints in Coppermine NT. The first as best we are aware (as a novice RO) was shortly after his graduation, 1950, spending 1-2 years on post, before moving on to Embarras AB. He spend the approximate years 52-54 working in Embarras where he met Pete Wellman. If I understood Pete correctly when I chatted with him, he informed me that E.L. Clark had left Embarras before the arrival of Terry Gibson.


Pete himself moved from Embarras in the late 50s to Fort McMurray (he was married in Fort McMurray 1959) (Pete lost his wife this year, but is still kicking).


E.L. Clark married in 1954, moving to Red Deer, then to Fort Nelson, then Lac La Biche (all of which the family has stated were as a RO) before returning in ~1961 to Coppermine (my understanding is he still was an RO, but was now what I’ll call ’Station Lead’).


He was on station in Coppermine till ~1968 when he left for an accounting/finance position in Ottawa.


It was nice to see the photos of Embarras, as I have heard many stories of the area.


Thank you

Paul Wagstaff

20 August 2021


Just a few more particulars, collected from personal records of Elwood Lloyd Clark.


EL Clark was a ‘Radio Operator’ for ‘DOT AERadio’ from APR 1952, moving on to other roles in OCT 1966.


We know that between 1952 and 1957 he was stationed at:

  • “Coppermine, NWT”, his first station, but not sure exactly how many years, Our stories confirm he was an R.Op here

  • ‘Embarras, AB’, where he met his wife (m:1954 at Edmonton). Our stories confirm he was an R.Op here.

  • ‘Red Deer, AB’ (child 1955). Not sure what role he fulfilled here.


We know from DOT documents:

  • From NOV 1957 to FEB 1961 he was stationed at 'Fort Nelson BC’.

  • From FEB 1961 to MAR 1963 he was “SR. Operator” stationed at ‘Lac La Biche, AB’

  • From MAR 1963 to SEP 1966 he was “O.I.C. Radio” stationed back in ‘Coppermine NWT’

  • From OCT 1966 to MAR 1970 he did his ‘Accounting’ and ‘Management’ training

  • From MAR 1970 onward he fulfilled his ‘Management/Accountant’ roles for DOT/MOT until his retirement.


Still have not found any reference to “Emerson”, but it is highly likely as a literary buff, he might adopt that as a ‘handle’



Paul Wagstaff

13 February 2022


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Elwood "Lloyd" Clark

1932 - 2012

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