Peter Bishop


Joined in 1915 - Retired in 1961.

Début en 1915 - Retraite en 1961.



1961 Retirement



A native of Wesleyville, Newfoundland, Peter Bishop became a telegraph operator with the former Newfoundland Department of Posts and Telegraphs in 1912. The following year he joined the Canadian Marconi Co. as a wireless operator.


During World War I he served as a warrant telegraphist with the Navy, joining the Department of Marine and Fisheries in 1918. He served at various direction finding and coast stations until 1939 when he was appointed officer-in-charge at Moncton aeradio station. In 1958 he was appointed assistant operations supervisor at Moncton regional office. At the time of his retirement he had completed 46 years of government service in the communications field.


Mr. Bishop was honored with the Queen's Medal during the 1953 Coronation Year.



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