Richard Arnold


Started as a Radio Inspector (RI) at the Department of Communications in 1981. Retired as a Spectrum Management Officer (SMO) at Industry Canada in 2013.

A commencé comme inspecteur radio (RI) au ministère des Communications en 1981. A pris sa retraite comme agent de gestion du spectre (SMO) à Industrie Canada en 2013.



Richard Arnold Retires

Invitation to a retirement celebration for Richard Arnold (April 24th)


Dear Friends and Colleagues of Richard Arnold:


As many of you know by now, our friend and colleague Richard has decided to retire from the civil service after serving Canadians for over 32 years.  Attached for your consideration is an invitation ( + menu )to come and celebrate with Richard as we bid him farewell.


As indicated in the attached invitation, a response by Friday April 12th is requested.  If you know any other colleagues or friends of Richard, that you do not see copied on this message, who might be interested in receiving notice of Richard's retirement please feel free to let me know their contact information so I can pass this information along to them as well.


If you have any questions, would like to attend, have best wishes or would like to make a contribution towards the gift in recognition of Richard's achievements please contact me or Sue Murley by return e-mail.


Please join us in wishing Richard Arnold all the best!


George Hastings

Director Nova Scotia

Spectrum Management and Telecommunications Directorate

25 March 2013


A message to Richard Arnold from Henry Klain and his wife Darlene


Well Richard, another milestone has arrived.  It's one that spells "success at arriving in life".  I have always said that ones goal was to arrive at retirement with your faculties intact.  I think you may have accomplished this, but only Gail would know for sure!


But on a serious note I do want to express my gratitude for your support over the years, it has been a real pleasure to have spent time working together.  We have shared a number of interesting challenges (in fact the list is quite long) and have shared many laughs.  I have also observed and have benefitted personally from your passion for excellence, your willingness and ability to fix and build just about anything.  More importantly I have witnessed how you offer help and support to people you come in contact with.  Your acts of kindness and on ongoing caring nature is admirable and certainly do not go unnoticed.  As many of you have probably heard Richard referred to by some as "King Richard", although a suitable title, I believe it would be even more appropriate for Richard to be referred to as the "King of Heart"….actually your cabbage rolls are very good also!


Enough of the gushy stuff, Darlene and I would like to take the opportunity to toast Richard, Gail and family….may you enjoy health, happiness and the time earned to pursue life's pleasures.


In the meantime we will continue to value and enjoy our friendship with you both.




Henry & Darlene

23 April 2013


Last Day At Work

Hi All,


Today is my last day at work. I would like to thank everyone for the many years of friendship, good times, jokes and fun. I can honestly say for me that the good times far out weigh the bad times. I have had many bosses over the years but none of them could even come close to the one I am about to report to daily, not just Monday to Friday.


I wish all of you the best in the future with good health.


Richard Arnold

25 April 2013


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